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Air conditioning Dirna Lite 24V 1,0kW kit DAF XF


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Air conditioning Dirna Lite 24V 1,0kW kit DAF XF
Price with VAT : 1 603,53 EUR
Price without VAT : 1 325,23 EUR
VAT:21 %
availability:2 days
The cooling effect of d T: 0 °C

Dirna Lite 24V 1000W kit DAF XF

Lite is an air-conditioning unit designed for the roof. Due to its small size and low profile it is suitable for high cab vehicles.

Compressor 1 Compressor
Refrigerant R134a
filled yes
voltage 24 V
output (*) 1000 W
BTU (*) 3.142
KCAL/h (*) 860
Energy consumption 12 -19 A/h
Maximum airflow 700mᶟ
Fan speed 5 step
Compressor control unit serial number
Electronic check yes
Remote control yes
Dual battery protection serial number
Minimal elements  (**)
Minimum generator requirements  (**)
Size and weight M = 788 x 740 x 122mm
                                                                L   = 910 x 740 x 122mm
                                                                                25 kg


(*)   JIS, test conditions: 35°C outside temperature, return temperature 27°C
(**) It depends on the battery and the alternator in the vehicle.


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