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Air conditioning Dirna Lite 24V 1,0kW kit DAF XF


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Air conditioning Dirna Lite 24V 1,0kW kit DAF XF
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Dirna Lite 24V 1000W kit DAF XF

Lite is an air-conditioning unit designed for the roof. Due to its small size and low profile it is suitable for high cab vehicles.

Compressor 1 Compressor
Refrigerant R134a
filled yes
voltage 24 V
output (*) 1000 W
BTU (*) 3.142
KCAL/h (*) 860
Energy consumption 12 -19 A/h
Maximum airflow 700mᶟ
Fan speed 5 step
Compressor control unit serial number
Electronic check yes
Remote control yes
Dual battery protection serial number
Minimal elements  (**)
Minimum generator requirements  (**)
Size and weight M = 788 x 740 x 122mm
                                                                L   = 910 x 740 x 122mm
                                                                                25 kg


(*)   JIS, test conditions: 35°C outside temperature, return temperature 27°C
(**) It depends on the battery and the alternator in the vehicle.

Air conditioning does not replace engine air conditioning!

Independent air conditioning is recommended to be combined with integrated engine air conditioning…Before the stop, it is recommended to cool down the room with the classic engine air conditioning and just before stopping to activate the independent air conditioning, which will then maintain the ideal temperature in the cabin during sleep!


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