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Cooler BYCOOL FLAT 24V Dirna
Cooler BYCOOL FLAT 24V DirnaCooler BYCOOL FLAT 24V Dirna
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BYCOOL FLAT - the lowest air conditioner guaranteeing confocal conditions inside the cabin, powered by a 24V battery. The machine may operate while the engine is off or on.
The air conditioner uses the air cooling process during water evaporation; the fan blows fresh, cooled air, allowing you to relax even at extremely high temperatures! The largest effect of the device is obtained in places with high temperature and low humidity. Our product has been very popular for many years in such countries as: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg or Denmark.

-Efficiency of cabin cooling: around 8-16 ° C below ambient temperature (most efficient in places with high temperature and low humidity)
-Blower engine:
• with double fan
• Low current consumption (for 24V supply) from 0.4 A to 4 Ah
• Maximum air flow 800 m³ / h
- Low water consumption (270 - 740 ml / h water make-up every 4-6 days)
-External dimensions of the air conditioner / heightxwidthxdength / -135 x 818 x 718 cm
- weight 14.8 kg
-Available in 12V / 24V version
-Electronic control unit with microprocessor
• 8 feed speeds
• programmable air conditioner working time
• Water level sensor
• Water pump operating time indicator

-Minimum cost of using a return investment in 3-5 months (saves fuel around 25l / 8h-the most effective solution for daily sun breaks!).
-Working with the engine off is protecting his engine
-The soundless water pump is a really peaceful rest
-Remote control for radio signal (driver) is the convenience of operating while driving (other products are infrared controlled and obstacles like curtains / cab walls make it difficult to operate air conditioning)
-Two water tanks: Outside for water refilling in a 35-liter set and anti-spill, integrated inside the device. Fill the tank with ordinary tap water.
-Electrical security system
-External housing made of ABS-resistant to UV radiation is the protection against this harmful radiation.
- The only market antibacterial cork / water purity filter WT20 guarantees the water's sterility throughout the season
(people using other air conditioners must regularly use antibacterial substances to keep clear water in the tank)
- Small air conditioner dimensions - only 15.5cm high !!!
Aerodynamic shape and appearance and lighter fitting (no need to cut additional holes on most vehicle models)

Installation is very light - along with the product, we provide step-by-step assembly instructions on DVD or paper. Installation can be done by the client's service.

It only uses water during work - it protects the environment.
It saves fuel and ensures that the driver's resting place has fresh air without exhaust from the engine.
The Bycool also operates when the engine is on.

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