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Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery tractors

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ResfriAgro carbon filter for use in the chemical spraying
availability: 2 days
Price without VAT:121,70 EUR
Price with VAT147,30 EUR
3 594,- CZK
Strainer filter for ResfriAr Baby & Agro
availability: 2 days
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Price without VAT:28,90 EUR
Price with VAT35,00 EUR
853,- CZK
Bycool Microfilter Agricola 12V
availability: 3 days
Price without VAT:1 055,00 EUR
Price with VAT1 276,60 EUR
31 148,- CZK
AGRO cooler in a dusty environment
availability: by variations
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24V, 12V
Price without VAT from:856,50 EUR
Price with dph from1 036,30 EUR
25 287,- CZK
Antibacterial tablets for ResfriAr, Agro
availability: In Stock
Price without VAT:6,70 EUR
Price with VAT8,10 EUR
198,- CZK
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