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GSM control driver iQGSM-R1


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GSM control driver iQGSM-R1
GSM control driver iQGSM-R1GSM control driver iQGSM-R1GSM control driver iQGSM-R1GSM control driver iQGSM-R1
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GSM control driver iQGSM-R1

Remote control using a regular mobile phone. GSM relay, GSM key, GSM remote control - simply universal GSM switch for 6 phone numbers.
You can easily connect an independent analogue heater, an entry gate, a garage door, control the barriers, or just open the door or turn on irrigation in the garden, etc.
You do not connect a computer, USB cables, do not install drivers and configuration programs ... everything is easy and intuitive ... and works IHNED.
Just plug in the power and press the button.
And how does it work?
For example, do you want to run an independent heater? You dial the SIM card phone number located in iQGSM. The device identifies your number and commands. No matter the type of your phone, no application is needed. The iQGSM can be equally well-controlled from a modern touchscreen phone with any operating system like a classic button device. Controls in this mode are secure, only known phone numbers can be made by the command. Those unknown are ignored.

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