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Resfriar BABY 5 24V LED

Resfriar BABY

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Resfriar BABY 5 24V LED
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Resfriar BABY 5 24V LED


The air conditioner is composed of a cooling unit installed on the vehicle roof in place of a sunroof. It creates and guarantees a constant supply of humid air into the cab thanks to the electric fan, through a straw / fiber filter moistened with water. The device can be controlled via the control panel on the device while driving or remotely at standstill.
The air conditioner uses the air cooling process during water evaporation (when the temperature causes such evaporation). As a result, the cooler air flow flows through the air conditioner into the cab. The largest effect of the device is obtained in places with high temperature and low humidity.
Our product has been very popular for many years in such countries as: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg or Denmark.
Air conditioner benefits:
- works both when the motor is switched on and off !!!
- The air conditioner improves the efficiency of the work of drivers who rest during daytime breaks or temperature bans. Relaxing comfort has an immediate impact on their better and more productive work
- low operating costs
saves money on fuel !!! (a vehicle equipped with an air conditioner for standing time is not subjected to additional fuel combustion because of the engine operation that drives the air conditioning during standing).
The air conditioner has a low current consumption and is powered exclusively by the battery. Under optimum conditions, the investment returns in just a few months.
- Supply voltage 12 or 24 V
- Cooling power: 8-4 C
- Feeling temperature dropped: 8-12 C
- Low current consumption: 3.35 AMP / average, 24V
Minimum 0.05 A / h
Average 3.20 A / h
Maximum 8.7 A / h
-The fan has 10 speed speeds max 4088 rpm
-Exhaust air at max 451m³ / h
-Air-blowing engine is Bosch and VDO water pump.
- Air conditioner dimensions / L x W x H / 62x70x17 (cm)
30L water tank dimensions 98 x 39 x 9 cm (can be mounted vertically or horizontally)
-The weight of the Air conditioner 16 kg
- Water consumption 300-500 ml / h (water in the reservoir lasts for 11 to 37 hours of continuous operation)
By default, the device is delivered with a white cover.
A detailed installation instruction is attached to the device, the installation time of the device is between 3 and 4 hours.

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