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SNUGGER Air Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V


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SNUGGER Air Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V
SNUGGER Air Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V SNUGGER Air Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V SNUGGER Air Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V SNUGGER Air Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V
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Price without VAT : 520,93 EUR
VAT:21 %
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parameter 2: 4200W
parameter 3: Diesel

SNUGGER Heating Diesel 4,2kW PLUS 12V

A complete kit including controller - controller and installation kits with a needle in the tank.

Kingtec Technologies Ltd. always focuses on developing the highest quality products. The products are certified according to ISO 9001 and comply with European Standard CE, E11, EPA.

SF4200 PLUS air heaters are designed for use as an auxiliary heater for trucks, motor homes, boats, construction and agricultural vehicles.

The heaters will provide and maintain a comfortable air temperature for operators in the cabin, small caravan, passenger van, minibus, boat, etc. at a fraction of the cost compared to the idle engine.

Automatic control will keep the air temperature in your comfort zone.
Compact design, low noise, easy maintenance, safety, automatic self-diagnostics, optional timers, wireless remote control, low emissions and low operating costs make the heaters ideal for use in trucks, boats or agricultural and construction machinery.


The fuel pump delivers fuel to the sprayer heater. The glowing candle ignites the fuel and air mixture. The burning fuel heats the heat exchanger. Heat is transferred to circulating air through a heat exchanger, this warm air is then circulated in the cabin or cubicle and keeps it warm.


Wide use in: automobiles, commercial and industrial facilities, trucks, passenger cars, buses, motor boats, sailing boats and houseboats. The heaters are also suitable for use in caravans, caravans and recreational cabins.

Specifications and Specifications:

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