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Čistič klimatizace Airco Refresh 150ml

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Čistič klimatizace Airco Refresh 150ml
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parameter name: 4015033010038
The cooling effect of d T: 0 °C
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Airco Refresh 150ml

Effective spray for cleaning and restoring air conditioning and air circulation systems in vehicles.
Instructions for use:
- the aerosol should be at room temperature
- close the windows and all doors of the car
- set the air circulation to the inner circuit !!!
- start and switch on the air conditioner to the lowest possible temperature
- open all air vents - on the glass, in the space and at the feet
- direct the spray cap to the car, push it down and place it on the floor between the front and rear seats
- leave the vehicle!
- in a closed car with the engine running, let the contents of the spray escape into the circulating air for at least 15 minutes
- After 15 minutes, open the door, switch off the engine and the climate and let it ventilate

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